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BioBloom Laptop Bag

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By purchasing this product from Lemon Cox you automatically contribute 480 Minutes of schooling for a child in Bangladesh.

    BioBloom Laptop Bag
    BioBloom Laptop Bag
    BioBloom Laptop Bag
    BioBloom Laptop Bag
    BioBloom Laptop Bag
    BioBloom Laptop Bag

    About Laptop Bag

    Our pretty laptop bag is the perfect companion for an organized working life with style.

    • Carry it two ways, by hand or over the shoulder with the adjustable shoulder strap.
    • The padded laptop pocket holds up to a 15" computer.


    • Length 41 cm Height 30 cm Depth 8 cm
    • Shoulder strap: Length 103-120 cm, adjustable and removable.
    • Details: A large zipper pocket and a pocket for the mobile phone. The padded laptop pocket fits most 15” computers.
    • Leather: Vegetable tanned full grain leather
    • Zipper: YKK Excella light gold
    • Fittings: Light gold
    • Inner lining: 100% organic cotton

     Leather & Care

    You do not need to treat your bag before use, we have done that. Then it can be good to lubricate it regularly so that it ages nicely. You can read more about how to take care of your bag

    The Rolling School

    By purchasing this product from Lemon Cox you automatically contribute480 Minutes of schooling for a child in Bangladesh.



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    Our organic leather from Bangladesh is among the finest in the world. The products are tanned with natural plant products that are environmentally friendly and free of harmful chemicals such as chromium. With organic leather production, we aim to promote sustainable and ethical practices, as well as support the local community

    Organic tea is grown without the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, which can help to reduce the environmental impact of tea production. Encouraging and supporting farmers to adopt organic farming practices can help to promote sustainable tea production in Bangladesh.

    Handicrafts in Bangladesh are an important aspect of the country’s cultural heritage and economy. Bangladesh has a rich tradition of handcrafted goods, with artisans producing a wide variety of items such as pottery, textiles, leather goods, metalwork, woodcarving, and more.